Angelfish Care in 7 Steps

Angelfish are one of the most beautiful freshwater fish EVER. That’s why keeping them in fish aquariums is so popular across the world. This website is devoted to aquarium angelfish care. We are comprised of a huge community and strive to have the most healthy fish aquariums. This is a 7 step guide on keeping freshwater angelfish.

care for angel fish

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Posted by James N: ok i feel dumb asking this cause i should know a answer but i dont cause ive never really had to deal with this thing before. i just picked up a used fishtank for free and it needs cleaned and considering its from someone i dont personally know i want to make shure its cleaned well what would be a good thing to clean it with?

  • We only use hot water. i dont think there are any safe chemicals to clean it with.¬†when i wash my own tanks down witch hasnt been in 4 years i used just hot water also wasnt shure if there was anything safe to use other then water so i figured id ask lol
  • Water and white vinegar works the best!
  • well i didnt know you could clean a tank with vinegar. i clean a lot of other things in my house with it but not our tanks. thanks.
  • Bleach. Kills all, rinse well, rinse again this time using a little dechlorinator. This is what I do with all my tanks. And I have hundreds as an angelfish Breeder.
  • i thought about bleach i have used bleach before but i wasnt shure if it was really safe or not.
  • If you way with bleach, letting it completely dry works the same as dechlorinator. Chlorine is a gas that quickly evaporates.